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Here is where each and every one of you can declare your undying love for your favorite Sith apprentice or lord. ANYTHING GOES which means you can be as silly or kinky as you want to. We accept everything from declarations to picspam to poetry dedicated to your favorite Sith warrior.

The only rule: If you plan on posting multiple pictures, put them under an Lj-cut. If it's only one picture, but is over 400 px (either width or height), please also place it under an lj-cut. This is for the dial-up users, and so that people don't have a terribly stretched friendslist. If you break this rules, I will post a warning. If nothing changes in 24 hours, I will delete the offensive post.

How to do an lj-cut

Please stop by and take a look and let us know how you feel about those Sith.

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